What is SoulFit?




Its an attempt to lift our eyes above the visible, the temporal things in life and work together toward a focus on growth of our inner being.   Our soul is eternal and is capable of growth, but it takes attention!  Following Gods Word, we can gain skills and be trained by constant practice…” Heb. 5:14


Most of us have faced disillusionment, disappointment with ourselves, others and God.  This is a needed step in learning to face ourselves, examine our lives and expand our souls with God.


Come check it out!

(From Post 1: Feb 2013)


Well Hi!  So glad you came by!  🙂

I had an aversion to social media.  Not sure why.  It just seemed impersonal or self- aggrandising.  But here I am!  Bumbling along… I’ve become convinced that it’s one way to “hang out” and engage in today’s world.  And I travel a lot now so I miss the stability of regular connection with the same people AND all our kids are gone!  🙁   I miss them…


I’m joining a symphony of voices in a passion of my heart that I’ve been pursuing most of my life: training ourselves Godward!

This is a topic that excites me because it affects life now and the life to come!  Wow.


Our spiritual efforts cannot save us, for sure.  That work is done!!!  But they can move us Godward.  We work hard (or should!) to keep our weakening bodies fit.  And if we don’t, we feel the effects!  Of how much greater importance are our souls!? And how can we work toward soul fitness?  “Train yourself for godliness…. physical training is of some value but godliness has value for all things holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.” 1 Tim. 4:7,8


We have 4 kids and 3 are Crossfit instructors!  The 4th is on a college basketball team.  Our family loves fitness; being a gymnast in my early life paved the way for me to keep some semblance of physical fitness throughout most of my life.  But I want to spend as much effort on our souls…so I’m working on some practical ideas for spiritual “workouts”.  So jump in when you can and let’s see how we do. I hope you have some good ideas too.


Let’s work on our souls together!

My top 10 books for spiritual growth:


Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership, RH Barton


Divine Conspiracy Dallas Willard


Resilient Life Gordon McDonald


Contemplative Pastor Eugene Peterson


Sacred Romance John Eldredge


Breaking Free Beth Moore


Pursuit of God AW Tozer


Seven Habits of Highly Effective People S Covey


Hearing God Dallas Willard


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality P. Scazzero



More recently:

The Rest of God, Buchanan

Shattered Dreams, L. Crabb

Self to Lose Self to Find, M. Vancil

Victory Over Darkness, Neil Anderson


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