Journey Coaching


What is journey coaching?


A small group journey together to unearth deep-seated, self-limiting beliefs that affect our lives and to give insight to walking with new perspective and freedom.

These sessions are done by invitation/application for those committed to going deeper in exploring their lives and spirituality, over a period of ten 90-minute sessions.

(I do individual life coaching as well as journey group coaching focusing mostly on people in my own organisation currently.)


To apply:

  • Ask yourself if you’re ready to change; to go to places in your life that may need revisiting.
  • Then contact me about your interest.
  • Fill out reflective questionnaire and send back to me.
  • Take life assessment instrument.
  • Commit to 10 sessions and at least 1 hour of work between sessions
  • Fees (or exchange) may apply.


“Ideas get uncovered more quickly when people dig together.  And the ideas get better much more quickly when they are shared and debated by a small group of people who like and respect each other.” Perfect Pitch, Jon Steel



 Approaches to facilitating group coaching – Jennifer Britton:


Individual coaching while group benefits/debriefs in the process

Field work (action steps between sessions)

Individual conversations within group

Group discussion – virtual breakouts

Peer coaching – Capacity building and training; awareness in the areas of:


  • Listening
  • Questioning
  • Bottom lining/laser speak
  • Accountability


Facilitating process for the team/group

Learning partners/buddies – for a specific period of time.


Participants get the breadth of the group coaching conversation, as well as the depth of the individual conversation.

“Group Coaching: The application of coaching principles to a small group for the purposes of personal or professional development, the achievement of goals, or greater self-awareness…”




“It was so helpful experiencing the format of not having defined boxes to experience God… I loved the freedom for it to be personal. Being bathed in prayer and scripture each week made the process an inviting journey, as well as hearing your example of how to ask questions that get to core issues/peoples’ hearts and caring enough to dig deeper with someone without solving the problem.” Nutritionist, Young mom

“It gave me a renewed ability to focus and straighten my priorities on what needed to be worked on. It opened my eyes to my own life and past and hurts that impact me on a daily basis.” Camp ministry leader


“This journey group gave me the motivation and support to unearth deep-seated lies and to begin to allow God to in to redeem and restore. I know that I will get nowhere by continuing in the lies that I have identified. I feel that my heart is often stubborn and slow to accept truth and often more comfortable hanging onto negativity or arguments to support old lies. But I feel that these messages of truth are slowly penetrating.”  High School teacher


“Home leave can be ambiguous disconnecting and disorienting.  My coaching sessions came at such a perfect time and stretched over our longest season back in our home country.  What a gift it was to make the space to focus, listen, pray and do the hard work of inner change that God was calling me to.  So often on the field it would get shuffled into my to do list but it was often not addressed whole-heartedly.  This method, versus counselling, really calls the individual to do the hard work as they listen to God.  The facilitative method brings accountability and personal challenges with reflection and action steps.  I also combined it with a 360 review at the beginning which provided plenty of fodder to work through and wrestle with during the twelve month sessions.  I highly recommend this method if you want to have someone challenge you through coaching in the process of spiritual, relational, physical and emotional transformation.”  Cross-cultural worker


The journey group has been just the beginning of a lifelong journey with the Lord, recognising (with the Holy Spirit) areas of my life that need to be redeemed and transformed.  This process has helped me to be more reflective in my day-to-day life and to realise that God wants to bring restoration, reconciliation and healing to our lives, relationships, and families (even Christian ones). I had been desiring deeper growth in my walk with God but did not know how to take practical steps forward. The journey group gave me consistency, accountability, encouragement, and practical “action steps” for being more reflective and intentional and opened my eyes to my own sin and some areas needing growth in my life. SP, nanny/artist


This was a very busy season of life for me- but going through Journey Coaching MADE me take the time to deal with things that I have been putting off for a long time. I wanted freedom, but it takes time and energy to fight for it. When I made this commitment, I didn’t realise all that it would mean, but I truly believe that God has used it to turn me back to Him and give me freedom that He has wanted to me have for a long time. Doing the freedom prayer was a powerful experience for me. I was thankful to be able to do it with the other girls, and truly felt their support.

Do you know that there is something holding you back from the way you want to live, or the freedom you know you have in Christ, but struggle to experience? Journey coaching helps you take the time to work on this, and gives practical steps through the process. God has given freedom, will you let yourself be free? MB