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Blog – my thoughts (or guest posts) and random “aha moments” that take me to new facets of wonder that I want to share with and hear from you about.

Journey Group Forum – A place to meet for those going through the 10-session life journey experience that is part of my coaching.  Includes some of the journey resources I use.

Russian Forum – A place for my Russian speaking friends to gather and share in conversations of the soul.

“The soul is that aspect of your whole being that correlates, integrates, and enlivens everything going on in the various dimensions of the self. The soul is the life center of human beings.” Dallas Willard






Great blog, Jack! This is one of those rare moments where the 3 ‘guys’ are asleep and I get to use the computer! I hope to get on this site once in awhile… love that picture on the top, what a strong image. Yes, the enemy trips us up so often… need to be on guard and well-armed for the fight. Thanks for your wisdom and heart to teach! — your littl(est) sis.

Thanks Lynnie! Gotta love those rare moments…I’m sure you’re doing some real soul learning with all the new things in your life…

This is wonderful! I’ve only viewed one other ‘blog’ and it was how to use a hair curling wand… (actually pretty useful:)
Yours will help to work on the inside! 2Cor 4:7
Can’t wait to see the first WOW.

I am excited to follow this blog! Seems
like a wonderful opportunity to test and
challenge my soul’s fitness. Looking
forward to your future posts.
My oldest is also into Crossfit and he
has definitely encouraged and challenged us
With physical fitness and training.

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