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I was utterly moved by Ann Voskamp’s post yesterday


describing despairing and crumbling people she’s met who have been transformed by a change of understanding through giving thanks.   When we think we’re being slighted or missing out, or reeling with shame or we can’t figure out why a certain thing is happening to us or to a loved one, we’ve got to wake up.


How painful and piercing are God’s words to His people in Malachi 1:2


“I have loved you,” says the LORD.”


And imagine the insolence and smugness when they answer:


“How have you loved us?” 


I’m afraid I can get into that mode. But we don’t have to stay there.


Take in these quotes from her post:


“What you think you can’t handle — might actually be God handing you a gift.”

“…giving thanks isn’t a pollyanna game — but a powerhouse game-changer”

“God asks us to give thanks in everything — because this is the way you live through anything.”


“Giving thanks is life giving.”                              “…barren places can break with bloom.”


Isn’t that so comforting? I’m thankful God shows me what’s really going on in my heart. How I can saunter in an entitled attitudinal haze. I’m thankful that he can change my heart to be thankful!


Thankfulness is a great weapon against small mindedness.  “Give thanks in all things…” 1 Thes. 5:18


How could you practice thankfulness today?

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